To begin with

Im living my life with regret. 22 years. And guess what, till now, im not learning any lesson.
I consider myself as a loser and sometimes, "SUICIDE" is my last resort.

To give you a heads up, im a 22 years old abandoned mother of two. Takenote, just 22 years old, undergraduate and used to be a personal service provider. I know some of you thinks that, im a loser. And i admit that.

I strive hard to be the best among the rest. I want to be noticed. To be loved. To be rspected. To be accepted.

Is it hard? Is there something wrong with me physically? Am i a faggot? I guess im not. But why is it that nobody ever appreciate me as me. Why is it that everyone hate, fool, and underestimate me? I did everything. The best that i can be. I can be a very good friend, girlfriend etc. Am i invisible?

You dont need to continue reading if you're bored. I cant blame you for that. Well, i didnt ask you to read this blog of mine though. I just want to express my feelings. The reality behind the mask of a lovely and smiling face lady.

If you're interested, then go on. And i would like to say thank you for being part of my blog share.

I'll be posting my life here. The dark side of my life. I dont want to fool myself na. Its hard. Ive been fooling myself and ive been hiding for 22 years. So i guess its time for me to be real.

But still, i wont reveal my identity. Its better to be safe. At least. Well, i still dont want my friends to know the reality about me. I dont want to destroy my bubbly, strong image or personality to them. I want it to remain the same.

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